Before the Music Dies Legacy

A story of blood, tears, betrayal, loyalty,
secrets, love, hatred, life and death, courage,
fear, victory, loss, Games, war and conspiracy.

Let the song begin.

Welcome Home

The Before the Music Dies Legacy is a fan fiction series by author Hannah the Scribe.


The old world has been destroyed.  War, fire, floods, tragedies never to be repeated.  From the ashes of a place once called North America, a nation rises.  Panem—thirteen outlying, industrial districts with a ruling city known only as the Capitol, cruel and privileged and unforgiving.  

An underground group rises within it, calling themselves “District Fourteen”, and they are made the transportation district.  War tears Earth apart again when District Fourteen rebels in what will come to be known as the Dark Days.  District Thirteen takes the blame in the eyes of the public and is razed to the ground, and Fourteen becomes a nation of its own, out for revenge on the Capitol and its districts.

In Panem, the Capitol decides to punish the districts for the made-up rebellion and creates the Hunger Games.  Each year, every district will hold a drawing called the Reaping to select one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to compete as “tributes” in the Games.  The children get locked in an inhumane arena with only one rule—the last person alive is the winner. Worse yet, every twenty-five years, there will be a special twist in the Hunger Games called a Quarter Quell.

Four-hundred five years later, with thousands of families destroyed, there comes a change.  The next Quarter Quell has come twenty years early to Panem, for the four-hundred fifth Hunger Games, announced on the day of the Reaping.  Five special objects have been hidden in the arena—books—that the final tribute standing must collect to be crowned the victor.  From that moment, everything is different.  A girl in District Four, the lover of a boy who volunteers for the Games, tries to start a riot and is imprisoned, and in the Capitol, the older cousin of a tribute, also her mentor, is murdered in the night, with the ominous warning of “Welcome to the Games” written on the wall in her blood.  Alliances form, hatred spreads, love is found, but at the tributes’ interviews, the mere mention of the mentor’s death gets four people, including the interview host, murdered. 

In the morning, the tributes face the arena, themed around the five objects and music.  When tributes start finding the books, they tell the true story of the rebellion, of the fourteenth district that most of Panem never knew.  The victor is snarky, seventeen-year-old Kizzy Ericssen from District Six.  After the Games, the new Head Gamemaker and President contact her, and tell her that they are nearly about to go back to war with District Fourteen, and that they desperately need her help to succeed.

The Capitol will select the tributes for the next year and train them in advance so they won’t be just scared children running about in the arena.  The President is sure that they will be kidnapped during the Games and taken to Fourteen, where yet another conspiracy rises.  This year’s tributes prove to be more active than ever before—one works for Fourteen with his mentor, another rebels alone, and they battle with the Capitol to steal a locket with classified Fourteen information inside of it from another tribute.  Meanwhile, training scores get done differently, and record numbers of tributes have psychotic attack-like episodes seeming to come from the Gamemakers themselves.  The Games and the war approach, and nothing can stop them. 

Called "intense", "unique", and "captivating", the Before the Music Dies Legacy is sure to pull you in for a ride you will never forget.

So may the odds be ever in your favor.


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