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A Slightly Different Opportunity

Posted on December 3, 2011 at 5:40 PM

The Blog of Head Gamemaker Lavender Flame: December 3rd, 2011

Welcome to December, everyone!

Ah, so, I had an idea... feel free to tell me what you think.  It's another... contest, of sorts.  So, here are the "rules":

1.  Anyone who wants to attempt this challenge can contact me through one of the "approved" ways, but you don't necessarily need to send me a message until you have your entry completed.

2.  Your... assignment?  (Stole that line from the last contest...)  Write a oneshot that fits one (or more, if you can make it work) of the following descriptions (must be at least 700 words):

A.  Flashback--of one of our tributes (competitors from ANT and OLM also welcome from their creators).  It can be something not mentioned at all in AUS if you wish, or something hinted at.  The creative license here is yours.

B.  Missing Scene--fitting within the timeframe of AUS.  Examples:  What was *Character A* up to before *Event A*?  What happened to *Character C* during the opening ceremonies?    

C.  AU--probably a "what if" scenario.  Change something that happened in AUS and see what happens!  Examples:  You hated that *Character D* died in the bloodbath.  What would they have done if they survived?  Or what if *Character A* betrayed *Character B*?  Or what if *Character D* decided to take down *Alliance A*?

D.  Flashforward--predict what'll happen in the future of AUS.  Write a chapter that could take place in another few days of Games, or more (may be AU to what's already happened).  Examples:  The moment when *Character E* wins the Games.  What happens when *Character C* finally goes insane?  Or what if *Character A* decides to go solo?  What happens when *Character E*'s ally dies?

3.  By January 31st, (and no later, though you may submit your entry earlier if you like), you must have sent me a message with the title of your entry (or entries--you may submit up to two different pieces if you like), and you must have uploaded it as either a PDF or a Word document to the Heirloom Documents page.  (If you need help with this, let me know.  The first time it can be a bit confusing.)  All entries will remain on the website once the contest is done.  (You're welcome to also post your oneshot elsewhere (on your FF account, etc.) if you want to, at any time.)

4.  ***Prizes***  I'm going to start out with the "grand prize" here:  The author of the winning piece (judging will be based on creativity, conventions, and character portrayal) will, *drumroll please*: be able to pick one of the tributes they submitted for ANT or OLM to be spared from the bloodbath--guaranteed.  All participants will receive a special mention on this blog, a "review" of their entry(/entries) from me, and their choice of either a banner for one of their Fanfictions or a custom avatar.

Please consider entering if you're interested.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Lavender Flame

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